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Super Funds & Trusts can take up to 3 days for delivery
as they are executed by our Solicitors.

The Trustee of a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) deals in a financial product under the Corporations Act 2001 when it issues applications for membership to members of the SMSF. We/I hereby direct you to instruct KB Legals Pty Ltd Solicitors for preparation of a Trust Deed and ancillary documents to establish a SMSF.

We/I acknowledge that Company Creations is not authorizing, condoning or arranging for the Trustee of a SMSF to issue a financial product to members of the SMSF and that KB Legals Pty Ltd will be attending to the legal documents necessary for the establishment of the Fund.

The trustee of the SMSF should obtain its own independent advice, independent from Company Creations and otherwise satisfy itself before issuing a financial product to its proposed members.

In consideration of you instructing KB Legals Pty Ltd as per our directions, payment of the solicitor' costs and attending to having KB Legals Pty Ltd issue a superannuation trust register, we will pay you such amount as agreed. Company Creations cannot provide legal or accounting advice. Should you have any legal queries please contact a qualified professional or KB Legals Pty Ltd on (02) 9524 3555

Please note that we are not a Financial Services Licensee or a representative of a Financial Services Licensee and cannot provide any advice in regard to superannuation funds.

Our function is merely to relay your instructions to KB Legals Pty Ltd Solicitors who prepare the superannuation trust deed and ancillary documents. We are therefore not the issuer of the superannuation product. We perform administrative services in collating such documents, inserting documents in a Register and arranging same to be delivered as per your instructions.

You should satisfy yourself prior to the commencement of the Fund that the contents of the deed and ancillary documents satisfy your requirements. Due to restrictions imposed by the Corporations Act 2001 we cannot provide any advice concerning the documents prepared by KB Legals Pty Ltd or the adequacy thereof.

Any queries concerning the requirements of your superannuation fund should be referred to your professional advisor or if basic legal advice is required concerning the establishment of a self managed superannuation fund, contact KBLegals Pty Ltd (02 9524 3555 or kb@kblegals.com.au). Extra charges could be applicable depending on legal advice given.

KB Legals Pty Ltd will only provide legal advice as Solicitors and not financial advice. By ordering the superannuation fund you acknowledge and agree to the above.

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Direct Deposit Terms:
  1. First time customers who have not purchased from us previously and have not completed an application, must pay using on of the other methods listed
  2. Orders will not be processed until you have faxed/emailed/advised our office with receipt of the deposit. This is also a necessary step to qualify for the prepay price.

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Please Note: New clients details will need to be verified with the Institute in which the Accountant/Solicitor is registered before an order can be processed. A 7 day account can only be established once the first order has been paid for upfront, and this payment has been cleared.

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