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Credit Card          We accept
Payments made with order do not attract a bank surcharge, however payments made by credit card (after the order is processed) will incur a surcharge fee.
Direct Deposit for 14 Day Account Price
Direct Deposit for Prepay Price
On Account (Current Account Holders ONLY)
Direct Deposit/Transfer of Funds
Click here to request our bank account details or call 1300 302 155.
Please fax over Bank slip/Transfer slip upon completion of payment in order to process your order.

Direct Deposit Terms:
  1. First time customers who have not purchased from us previously and have not completed an application, must pay using on of the other methods listed
  2. Orders will not be processed until you have faxed/emailed/advised our office with receipt of the deposit. This is also a necessary step to qualify for the prepay price.

Type of Accountant/Solicitor by definition would be: Chartered Accountant registered with the National Institute of Chartered Accountants - Solicitors registered with The Law Society, etc...

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The Partner must be an individual's name registered with an Institute at your firm.
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Please Note: New clients details will need to be verified with the Institute in which the Accountant/Solicitor is registered before an order can be processed. A 7 day account can only be established once the first order has been paid for upfront, and this payment has been cleared.

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